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Every company has a moral and ethical duty to manage responsibly and reduce their impact on both the societal as well as physical environment. Here at Waste Management Peterborough, we’ll take you beyond simply lowering your impact – we’ll assist you to make a favorable influence in the local communities and environment you run in so that your company and brand becomes interchangeable as a power once and for all. We’ll help influence your sustainability operation across a variety of stakeholder groups, we’ll help develop trust and initiation for your brand communicating openly and frankly about how you work. This strategy will help set you apart from the competition by developing a long term psychological connection with your customers using a different point of difference from simply business as usual.


At Local Waste Management, we steadfastly consider a clean, tidy working environment not only leads to your well being but it immediately makes you feel favorable that has proven to make you more productive.

It’s possible for you to depend on us to work beside you to accomplish your productivity and environmental goals. Recruiting and retention are powerfully affected by the characteristic of the workplace so a clean office makes bottom line economical sense.

It is occasionally difficult to understand just what cleaning you do want, some firms indicate daily cleaning when all you actually require is a couple of days per week. Here at Waste Management Peterborough we work together with you to enable you to understand the choices available and make the best selection.

It does not matter what cleaning services you need, we guarantee that we’ll supply a professional, adaptable and dependable service.

We offer an entire array of commercial cleaning services inclusive of:

– Regular cleaning

– Deep cleans

– Contractors cleans

– Specialist cleans

– Window cleaning

– Signal cleaning

– Carpet cleaning

– Upholstery cleaning


An advanced firm, Waste Management Peterborough is turning environmental operation on its head by integrating imagination and communications into the sustainability combination. This means we can assist businesses at all degrees of their challenge — from board level tactical advisory work, staff training and betrothal, communications and all the way through to layout and execution of operational efficiencies. Local Waste Management’s tactical strategy will be to use the tremendous energy and interest of your workers, through creative staff involvement activities, training, inspiring and rewarding individuals to really make a difference.

Along with the utilization of the most recent technology and environmental options, Local Waste Management provides genuinely sustainable alternatives as a piece of a realistic Environmental Change Management programme which will involve your entire company from the inside out.


As a food waste company, Eco-Eating will give you an efficient and effectual food waste recycling programme, together with the supporting literature to allow you to demonstrate your green credentials to your customers.

It’s that simple!

Besides the science bit (the AD), Eco-Eating additionally provides an entire package of exceptional membership merchandises to assist your company gain from its eco-friendly practices:

Communicating materials — branded posters, signage, stickers that will help you yell about your green credentials;

Reporting systems — a password protected on-line reporting mechanism that supplies the stats to present your food waste recycling rates;

Staff betrothal — a communication programme that will help you insert and embed change amongst your staff.

We recognise that each company differs and has different conditions, so we’ll tailor your Eco Eating programme meet your own organization ‘s unique needs; that’s the reason we’re the market leader in food waste management.

We provide a FREE onsite waste audit to measure the quantity of waste you create and seek means you can maximise the worth of your recyclable materials.

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